J.P. Pulkkinen

J.P. Pulkkinen (s. 1959) is a cultural journalist and a writer. He has produced several prize-winning radio programs and documentaries for television. The best known of his work for radio are Ikuiset kaupungit and Television tiiliskivet, and of his documentaries Ammatti: suomalainen kirjailija (30 writer portraits), Suomalainen Juha (Looking for Mr. Juha), Mika Waltari, Tunturikatu 13 (Searching for Mika Waltari), Marlon Brando tuli Suomeen, Oiva, pöytä ja Kaj Franck, and a ten-part documentary Urheilu-Suomi.

Pulkkinen’s first novel Ohi liitävä enkeli was published in 2004 and since then he has published five novels of which the most recent is an opening volume of the Vantaa-series called Sinisiipi (2018).

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