Lorenza Natarella LIWRE 2022

Lorenza Natarella .

Lorenza Natarella (34) lives in Milan and Padua. Since 2011, when she co-founded the Studio Armadillo, she has worked as a writer and an illustrator. She has worked for several publishers and advertising agencies making illustrations, planning and editing. She has written and illustrated journalistic content and stories for literary supplements and revues such as La Stampa Origami ja Tuttolibri, Vanity Fair, 7Corriere ja Linus. She is currently working on La Revue Dessinée (on cartoons as a means of journalism). Her work concentrates on true stories narrated as if they were fiction; her work includes a graphic novel on her own childhood La Cìtila (Topipittori, Gli anni in tasca, 2013) and on the controversial life of Maria Callas, Sempre Libera (Forever Free) BAO Publishing, 2017

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