Lars Sund

Lars Sund (born 1953 Pietarsaari/Jakobstad, Finland) is the author of eight novels and three other books. His first book is a volume of poetry, published in The novel Colorado Avenue (1991) won several literary prices and has been made into a film. Sund writes in Swedish and is currently living in Uppsala in Sweden with his Swedish wife. His latest book, En morgontrött fågelskådares år (A Year in the Life of a Morningsleepy Birdwatcher), was published earlier this year, and is a diary of birds and birding during one year. Sund has for many years been and avid birder. Sund has also worked as a journalist with newspapers in Finland and Sweden and still writes columns about nature an environment. He has also written extensively about the climate crisis.

Photo: Laurent Denimal /Förlaget

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