Lahti International Writers´Reunion 2011


Before the actual Reunion the writers first meet in Helsinki on Fri 17th and Sat 18th, where they can get to know one another at a reception organized by the Finnish PEN Club (Fri 17th). A guided tour of the Helsinki city sights will be arranged (Sat 18th), followed by an event open to public in Sanomatalo, premises of the largest daily paper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat. After a lunch in Sanomatalo the guests travel from Helsinki to Lahti together by bus on Saturday afternoon.


The Reunion takes place in the Messilä Manor area that lies on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi. The nearest city is Lahti, at a distance of c. 8 kms. The Reunion programme is built around organized discussions and debates, in which the guests will have the opportunity to give presentations and discuss topics of their choice under the general theme "The Writer beyond Words".

The panel debates and discussions are headed by the chairpersons Ms. Virpi Hameen-Anttila and Mr. Jarmo Papinniemi. All discussions are interpreted into Finnish, English, French and Russian.


1) A guided tour in Lahti (Sat 18th June)

2) Lahti City reception for Reunion participants (Sat 18th June)

3) Welcoming reception at Messilä Manor, introduction of the staff (Sat 18th June)

4) An open-mic night at Messilä Manor (Sun 19th June)

5) Reception at Lahti Sibelius Hall (Mon 20th June)

6) An international poetry evening at Lahti Sibelius Hall (Mon 20th June)

7) A soccer match Finland vs. the rest of the world (Mon 20th June)

8) Closing banquet in Restaurant Markkinaravintola, Messilä (Tue 21st June)


The accomodation of the international guests is provided by the Messilä Hotel. The address of the hotel is Messiläntie 308, FI-15980 Messilä. Telephone: +358 (0)3 3 860 11. Web: www.messilä.fi .

A direct free bus connection between Lahti City and Messilä is arranged daily.

• Lahti Market Place - Messilä at 9.30 and 13.00

• Messilä - Lahti Market Place at 13.30 and 17.30

THE REUNION OFFICE AND THE PRESS OFFICE are situated in the Messilä Hotel. There you will have access to the Internet, e-mail, telephone and a work station. There is a free wireless network in the Messilä Manor area.

Our staff will help you with everything that comes up before and during the reunion.

Secretary of foreign relations: Ms. Mirja Halonen, Tel.: +358 44 020 7303 Secretary of domestic matters: Ms. Tarja Soiniola, Tel.: +358 50 563 2340 Secretary of the press: Ms. Tarja Kopra, Tel.: +358 50 468 8948
Secretary general: Ms. Tiina Lehtinen
Treasurer: Ms. Aila-Marja Kemppainen