Lahti International Writers Reunion

Lahti International Writers Reunion is one of the most significant literary events in Europe. Since 1963 over 1,000 novelists, poets, literary critics and scholars from around the world have taken part in the reunion. Writers gather in Lahti to talk, listen, debate and spend time together. The reunion is scheduled during the endless summer nights immediately before Midsummer.

In 2011 the Reunion is organized for 25. time. The reunion lasts three days, 19.-21.6, each containing panel debates and discussions headed by a chairperson. All debates are interpreted into Finnish, English and French. Among other activities during the Reunion there will be an international poetry evening open to the public in Lahti and an already legendary football match between Finland and the rest of the world.

All debates and poetry evenings are open to the general public free of charge.


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